Temmie Text Translator hOI!

Special enemy Temmie has come to translate you.

THERE IS NOW AN "OFFICIAL" TEMMIE TEXT TRANSLATOR WEBSITE!!! http://temmietexttranslator.weebly.com
hOI!!! U want to talk like teh Tem?!? Why wud you want to talk liek meh?
(This is the Temmie Text Translator, or Temmie Translator if you will.) THANKS FOR 36,053 VISITORS!!! (Tem HAPPY!)
(Currently 558 translation rules!) (This translator was made by SpadGame. OPTIONAL donation page here. https://ko-fi.com/spadgame) (Version 2.5)
CHANGE LOG!!! (fer changin stuf)
v. 2.5 (Wait, new update? Update - July 2021)
v 2.2 (Been gone for a while update!)
v 2.1 (User suggested update!)
v 2.0!!!!!!
v 1.9.5
v 1.9.2
v 1.9.1b
v 1.9.1 (Another SMOL update)
v 1.9 (Descriptive update)
v 1.8.2 (SMOL update)
v 1.7
v 1.6
v 1.5
v 1.4
v 1.3
v 1.2
v 1.1

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