Tatsunese Translator

Made by Jagger S.

This translates English to Tatsunese, however reverse translations are inaccurate. Might make a translator for reverse in the future, but doubt it for now.

-At the end of some words, you'll see code like {{noun}} or {{verb}}. Ignore this.
-Most verbs go after nouns, however LingoJam can't properly process it so sometime the noun will be after verbs.
-The longer the sentence, the more inaccurate it tends to be, so please translate few words at a time for most clear grammar.
If you have any more questions, gmail me at museigen.koushiki@gmail.com or leave a suggestion for me!

I have made this entire language by myself, meaning it's completely original. However, it is only about 5% finished with somewhat 400 words, and I expect the translator to be done by 2024-2025. With that, have fun translating, and have a great rest of the day!

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