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if you find a word that doesn't reverse translate properly, tell me in the suggestions box

you have permission to use in any situation

made up language

by the way, the translator messes up when you use special characters like ! and ?, so careful using those.

try and spell all your english words correctly for the best results.

thanks for using!

last edit was 2/5/2019

dear LingoJam, please change 'infix'. there needs to be a highest priority and a lowest priority infix, to minimize breakage of reverse translations. when this happens, i will add support to longer words.

in the meantime, i have fixed most broken reverse translations, making this a (mostly) functional code language you can share with your friends!

edit: LingoJam, add a feature to make prefixes and suffixes allow spaces, like if you want "very good" to conjugate together, that's possible through an underscore or something

other translators created by me:

to do: converge "i'm not", "you shalln't", "y'all weren't", etc.

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