Standard Galactic Alphabet Translator (Updated)

Minecraft Enchantment Table+, I guess. (updated, 2022)

Please, for the love of god, don't use slang. I don't know slang,
This translator provides a simple translation of the standard galactic alphabet. Please type in lowercase and put spaces before every sound If you wish to know how to pronounce the characters then visit the link below. [Generating link...]
Language tips to avoid confusion:
-Grammar is the same as English's
-The character ⍳ is a mark meaning there is a single number as to not mistake ⅠⅤ for Ⅳ. It is there to show that is is 14 and not 4. The proper way to write 14 would be Ⅰ⍳Ⅴ⍳, meaning there is a one in front of the four. I may or may not have missed some words as well. Punctuation must be placed one space after the last word in a sentance. -The character ᐞ is used for pronunciation purposes and will annoy anyone who thinks they know how to learn a language.
-There are solo characters for 10, 100, 1,000, 100,000 and 1,000,000 for some reason. I don't know how or why they exist.
-This took forever to make because the first one failed as it was too big. It only had 500,000 words, so I don't see what the problem was.

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