Solidariti Translator

I have started a conlang called Solidarity. It can be considered a more phonetic and a modern descendant of Middle English that is both more Germanic and more Romance influenced or an English creole. It will have a language council or academy consisting of technical documentation specialists, translators, interpreters, language instructors, speech therapists, special needs instructors, and singers to better finalize and shape the language. It uses simplified and highly regular grammar with analytical construction with no grammatical gender, except for the Romanz, Germanik, etc sub languages, which can have regional grammar(especially proper nouns) and word order.
It has a preference towards words more frequently borrowed into other languages. A preference for the shortest most phonetic spelling possible with no silent letters is prefered. The spoken and sung version of words are the same phonetically. Use of technical jargon(medical, science, law) to replace everyday language. Avoid consonant digraphs(ch, sh, th, etc) that can be especially hard for non european speakers and people with lisps. Possibly create a new alphabet so people with a disability like dysgraphia can more easily learn it.
Sub languages can be created such as Romanz, Germanik, Slavik, Arabik, Guanhua/Kuanhua, etc with a high mutual intelligibility between them. A near one to one translation between sub languages when possible. Synonyms can be created by using the Germanik, Romanz, and/or Slavik words, especially when it is hard to choose a particular word.
Unsure about using un- or in-, -ks- or -s-, qu- or ku-, -eal or -el o -il, -er or -en, -x- or -ks-. Should it be Rhotic or not? Should the spelling change if not rhotic?

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