Skubadorian Translator

A translator for the alien language of SKY-736D, located 73.4 billion light-millenia away, within Universe #64-N.

Skubador (SKY-736D for most of the universe) is a planet in a completely different universe, in the future. Earth had not yet discovered it, and probably never will. The Skubadorians are a futuristic, extremely advanced type 3 civilization. They built the first real matrioshka brain, the first real black hole bomb, and the first real Dyson Sphere. Skubador itself is a planet built around a red dwarf star, using all its energy. It was proposed in the earth year 2017, and was finished being constructed in the earth year 74664 B.C., but 2064 A.D. in R.S.T. time. The time distortion here was caused by a time portal that was constructed. The first Skubadorian to visit earth used it and is still on earth, living an earth life, as of 2021 A.D. the portal is still visible- that is what the CMB cold spot really is- the portal 7,00 miles away from earth. The signal that came from it was from Skubadorian scientists! The Skubadorian language is similar to Japanese in both the characters and the pronunciation, but can also be written with earth letters. Humans actually evolved from Skubadorians, thus Skubadorians look the same as humans, except for their feet. A Skubadorian's feet are bigger, webbed, five-toed duck-like feet, that vary in color from green to blue to purple. Skubadorians can also change the way their feet look at will. The reason their feet are like this is because in the very beginning, Skubadorians evolved from certain types of water lizards. They are still often born in the water. Skubador has a bit more land than water, with some liquid methane at the poles and vast deserts at the equator. Skubadorians can swim well because of their feet, thus Skubadorians are partly water-dwellers. On Skubador, people often go everywhere barefoot, although some people have sandals, flip-flops, or slides. 99.9% of Skubadorian population wear bracelets, most of the time around the ankles but sometimes around the wrists. On earth, the hands are said to be powerful and sometimes "holy". This is the same on Skubador, except with the feet, not the hands. On Skubador, despite how advanced the civilization is, socks and closed-toe shoes were never invented there, and never will be. It is traditional to always be barefoot except for when wearing flip-flops, sandals, or sides. Skubadorian religion is similar to Christian religion. Giraffes, dolphins, foxes, most dinosaurs, kangaroos, tall/large birds (including penguins), and many other animals on earth evolved from similar-looking Skubadorian animals, some of which even kept their Skubadorian names on earth. For more information about Skubador, visit www.skubadorinfo.k

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