Skies Under Avalon Offical Norm Translator Norm is a language from the webcomic, Skies Under Avalon. Use this to help solve for ARG codes. Cardinal, Emi, Aiko, and Issac are counting on you.

Made by K.T. the comic creator for your amusement.

If you've been reading, Skies Under Avalon, you might have noticed the strange alphabet used by the residents of Galvantia and the Habitable Zone as a whole. You can use this to assist in translating that text!
Haven't read Skies Under Avalon? Click here! It's also up on Webtoons.
BTW! Adding this here. Do not support AI generated images for any reason. That actively harms all artist. If you see any links for that, yeah, stay away from that link.
Do what you can and have fun! Maybe you'll find something interesting.

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