SirenFeather The language of the Sirens... Santoxi.

【The Santoxi language. The language of the sirens.】

( Santoxi is a made-up language for a story I'm writing! )

English: Now listen, no matter whatever people say, Sirens, are half-bird half-human. During hundreds of years, Sirens have "changed". But according to Greek Mythology, Sirens have the body of a bird, and the head of a woman. They are said to sing and lure sailors to their doom by sinking ships. Sirens are evil creatures and are nothing like mermen or mermaids.

Santoxi: Nomareni escarete-re, nosic monuni wasixin pasonari suuje, sirinaxi, renena medi-xyu medi-duo-mipatini. Duronix milinenes efi anini, sirinaxi hoveint "combionas". Bunika accordonix te grenis myilithina, sirinaxi hoveint thoemsi cuniani-re efi o' xyu, ondi thoemsi cabena-re efi o' shoshano. Tosikcha renena sujena te sangini ondi lugena sarinari te theix domani-re bexi-ceci sinkonix barconi. Sirinaxi renena ruiniak creaturani-re ondi renena nothonix licaiaix Anioccs oris Aniaccs.

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