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Language of the Dark World

This is a fan language for The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords manga. It first started out as a joke: "Yo, what if I spam random words in the roleplay group chat to mess with my friends." So I did, but I started using the same words, and.. well, no one stopped me, so, here we are.

Some words have a cuss version! Add e at the end of the English word to unlock the Shatagin cuss. Some words for love have light counterpart versions, add o at the end to unlock them!

When talking about let's say 3 things, you'd stick the number on the end.

Wonordee would mean 3 swords, or one could write wonord3.

But if there are too many things to count, you'd add A at the end. wonordA for many swords, or just swords. and if someone asks you how many swords there are and there's a lot, you can simply scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA at them, cause A means many.

Similar to Spanish, noun before the adjective.

Sounds are similar to Japanese.

Most words have a base sound, then other sounds added onto that sound to form words. These are called word families.

Yes and no are usually put first in a sentence.

It is a stress accent language.

Monsters such as Keese and bokos use casual versions of words, while demons such as actual shadows use formal versions.

It used to be called Twilish, but over the times it has changed to Shatagin, for more people of shadow have used it than just the Twili. There are still some similarities, and because the Twili of old used to be Hylian, some words have the same letters and sounds. Take the numbers, for instance, they all mostly end in the same letters as Hylian (English).

Shatagin is similar to Hylian (English) for it is the language of business down here. Meaning, some monsters have a language of their own or have a hard time speaking it.

Each word family has a main sound, that you add to make other words (i.e. weapon: won, sword: wonord, etc etc)

Now you know the 3 main genders, let's talk about sub genders, or demi/genderfluid/gray. Just like most words, genders can be combined, or like the Hylian (English) demi. It is done by taking the category names and combining them. The main gender is first, then the second. example: Demiboy would be Srameka. There is no such thing as cis, you simply pick whatever gender fits you and roll with it. Children are usually raised genderless, till they figure that out.

The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo, and the Four Swords mange belongs to Akira Himikawa, I only take credit for the language.

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