Sentence Cute-ifier V.1 Translator

By V-V-VVV-VV-V-VV-Vanilla Chan

Are you role-playing with a friend? Or maybe you're texting someone and you wanna seem cute? Whatever the reason, this is the Cute Wanguage Translator! Just put what you wanna say into the 'Engwish goes here...' box, then the results will come out in the 'Or Cute Wanguage goes here...' box! You can add stutters for an extra effect! Have fun! UwU
-Small issue which adds 'WuWuwickwike' to everything you say. Status: Fixed!
V.1 Officially Released!
-Added cute bear background
-Made 'That, They, The' become 'Dat, Dey, Da'
-Made 'There' become 'Dere'
-Fixed a number of other issues
-Fixed a few MORE problems
-Made 'll' become 'ww'
-Made ':O,:o, :0' become 'OwO, owo, 0w0'
-Fixed quite a lot of bugs

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