Scary Voice Changer (online voice effect 🎙)

Welcome to our Scary Voice Changer! This spooky online voice converter will help you transform your voice without any effort (or voice acting classes).
There's no need to download any software to use this, and it's completely free! Simply click on the "record a clip" button, make a voice recording, and we'll add microphone effects to it. If you like, you can even upload audio clips so you can experiment with voices other than your own.

Scary Sounds

There are plenty of sounds that humans think are spooky - creaking, scratching noises, roars, screams, whispering...the list goes on. When it comes to voices, we generally think of heavily filtered voices - those that are obviously inhuman - as scary.
We can see this easily in popular culture - criminals with unknown faces (generally elusive, "techy" types, like hackers, kidnappers or extortionists) will convert their voice to a computerised, creepy voice, and villains will wear masks that modify their vocals into something resembling a monster's voice.
Scary sounds are important in media. They add atmosphere, energy, and believability to whatever the narrative is - whether it's a movie, advert or song. And even though fear is generally an unpleasant feeling, there's a lot of research that shows plenty of us actually enjoy being scared, which is why horror movies (inevitably featuring some kind of demonic voice) are continually being released.
Scary sounds are also not just for scaring! Sometimes, opposite to being frightening, scary voices can be used for comedic effect, like when a Satan-like voice is attached to something cute (like a puppy). We can also use sounds to create feelings of general unease, slight anxiety, or the thrill from knowing you're in a safe space while simultaneously experiencing a good scare.
edited version of "The Scream" using the scared emoji
So if you'd like to make some creepy voices of your own, we're here for you. Whether you're making an elaborate prank or adding the finishing touches to a home-made horror movie, we hope that you enjoy using our monster voice changer! If you found this useful, you may also enjoy the microphone effects over at voicechanger. They have plenty of vocal effects that will let you alter the pitch and frequency of your voice, emulate certain characters, and suggest new audio changers if you didn't find what you needed.
We always welcome feedback and suggestions here, so if there's an improvement you think should be made, or a new way to convert your voice that we haven't covered, let us know in the comments!

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