Saurian (Sawbburi) Translator

The Language Spoken By Khaster Footstormer

-s is -os or not pronouced ai is oi/ey/ ai only when before a 'e' or transparention lly/ly is llor or uaine. uaine is for 'nots but likes' bh is mr/v dh is nr/dh ed is pronounced e also canfor transparonshi -sras is skip forst s = -ASS faster's er is gasb iúiráíúóé shoeing herself -sjen nshibhúr s'aughtered siaughterdh slahter only ras for s is pronounced rahs double dd is not pronounced ai + khairtau is sairdair air hair sianhsainha loveful victimifiy ance is stroi -p -s -f ??

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