SUPER spicy mama mia squid language Translator


dont let ' touch words, they won't translate properly (idk why) it's fine with "I'm" but for example not with "It's", that'll just translate to "dan's" n idk why lul
Some words are the same in English even though they have different meanings. in ssmmsl they ARE different. So for some words you have to put a 2 after it to get the right word in ssmmsl
like2: to like crush2: to crush something dress2: clothing article (doesn't have a word yet lul) left2: opposite of right mean2: kinda same thing as rude put2: been done putted if u know ehat i mean ;)))) right2: not opposite of left but different word for "correct" they2: pronoun ("they'll" and stuff is they2'll or if it doesn't work just "they2 will")
If there's just an empty space, and ß or just the word in English, I haven't made the word in ssmmsl yet :-)

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