catch a rattatta with a master ball

TEH INSANITEHHHHHHH this translator is the most cursed translator ever. the translators are the most cursed thing ever. you can either use this to make your words cursed or you can use this for fun. type in words and some words will get replaced and then for example, if you type he, it says robux, and if you type the, it says hehh, and if you type F, it says did someone die. there is a whole entire lot of cursedness that awaits you. Whoever keeps suggesting me do "The dog was walking in the dog park he was super happy. he needed some friends so he went and find some friend but the owner. went to the pet shop and then went and came back. with a new small baby dog the dog was happy that he got another new friend that he can stay an watch 10 years later the dog is twenty years old and he is happy that the dog has grown well." IM WORKING ON IT!!! Stop being a bot! we're at 1k visitor let's gooooooooooooo and I created a new translator this is supposed to be weird so your wondering what is this Anyway go to This is almost done I just need suggestions

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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