SHITISH. Translator

A very shitty language for the most honorary brobites!

SHITISH!!! - Version 1.2 The most advanced language on Earth! Created by Brobites

NEW UPDATE BITCHES - You can now talk about tech in SHITISH!!!

X is pronounced like SH Ex- Sharpie - Xarpio (sharpeeO)

J is pronounced like the French pronoun je Ex- How - Jak (pronounced like a buzzing sound with j at you teeth-jjjahk)

The letter ñ is also present in SHITISH (very few words) Pronounced like the 2 letter n and y combined. Ex- June - Xuño (shoekneeyo)


To make a word plural in SHITISH, just add -Z or -TH. -Z being informal, and -TH being formal. Ex - Chairoz, Chairoth (chairs). Why do you need informal and formal? - Well...To upgrade from shitty to intellectual shitty.


  1. To make an opposite of a word just add a Nun- before it. This way with only knowing half the words you can carry a conversation. The word also must have an obvious opposite. Ex - Nunbahoi = Up, Nunamunti = Down Ex2 - Nunhota = Cold, Nuncolda = Hot
  2. To make a sentence negative, just add a “ne” at the beginning. Ex - Ne gu ridas en da caro. (I don’t ride in the car.)


Since there is no set accent, words can be said however one desires. Though if one wants they can make their “r’s” roll and sound interesting. Similar to the scots. Ex - (Run-Rrrun) In SHITISH it would be Rrrrunas! (To run in present tense.)


Numbers are easy in SHITISH, here is a list to visualize it. One - Un Two - Du Three - Tri Four - Kvar Five - Kvin Six - Sis Seven - Sept Eight - Och Nine - Nuni Ten - Dek

11-19 - Now to make 11-19 one must only dek and numbers 1-9 at the end. Ex - Dekun (Eleven), Dekdu (Twelve), etc.

20-99 - To make numbers 20-99 add numbers 1-9 before and “dek” after to make the numbers tenth spot. To add a ones spot just add numbers 1-9 after it all. Ex - Dudek (Twenty), Kvindek (Fifty), Tridek un (Thirty One), Nunidek nuni (Ninety Nine), etc.

100-999 - To make a number between 100-199, just add “cent.” To make numbers 200-999 add 2-9 before cent. For each then add the tenth spot and ones spot. Ex - Cent dudek du (One hundred and Twenty Two), Du cent dudek du (Two hundred and twenty two), etc.

1000- To make the numbers 1000-9999 just add a “mil” before it all following the same rules as “cent.” For a million add a “Mili,” Billion - “Bili,” Trillion - “Trili,” etc.


In SHITISH all word types have a simple ending.

-Nouns -o (Dog-Dogo) Just add an o at the end.

-Adjectives -a (Down-Nunupa) Any adjectives with -y or any other vowel at the end are also replaced with -a (skinny-skinna). Adjectives can also come before or after a noun. Ex - Reda Caro (Red Car), Caro Reda (Red Car).

-Adverbs - Adverbs replace the -y and or last vowel with an -i. (Sha walkis silentli-She walked silently.)

-Direct objects -n Ex- If cat is the direct object add an -n at the end. (The dogo lovas the caton.) This is not necessary, it is usually used when the direct object can’t be identified quickly and or is hard to figure out.

-Small - To make a noun sound small add an -et, in which case you take out the last vowel of the noun or any last -y. Ex - Houset (Little House) Ex - Doget (Little Dog)

-Big -To make a noun sound big add a -ut, also take out the last vowel or any last -y. Ex - Pizzut (Big Pizza) Ex - Dogut (Big Dog)

-Verbs - have preset, past, and future tenses. Present -as, Past -is, Future -os When adding the ending take out the last vowel of the verb, and any last -y. Ex - To Ride = Riding (Ridas), Rid (Ridis), Will ride (Ridos) Ex 2 - To Smell = Smellas, Smellis, Smellos If a verb ends with an -e like run just put the tense form over it as seen in example one. It just sounds better. A verbs infinitive form is the same in English. Ex - To Drive - To Drive (Drivas, Drivis, Drivos) You also may have noted to word, “to,” is the same as well.

Ami- is a prefix that goes on to any noun that is considered friendly or something that is good. Ex - Da amidogo. (The friendly dog.) Ex - Datez amihouso. (That’s a good house.)

Mal- is a prefix that shows that an object of living thing is bad. Or you can just use the word, “mal,” and put after whatever object/thing you are specifying. Ex - Dat malhumano/Dat humano ez mal. Or, Dat ez a mal humano. (That is a bad human.)

Ampl- is a prefix to express a large quantity of things. Ex - Dat ez amplapploz. (That is ample/a lot of apples.) Same is true for the opposite parv-. Ex - Dat ez parvapploz. (That is not enough of/small amount of apples.

Patro-,Matera-, and Juven- are prefixes used for living things to specify whether it is a father(patro-), mother(matera-), or young/baby(Juven-) Ex - Patrodogo(dog father), Materadogo(mother dog), juvendogo(baby/young dog).

-Gender - A prefix also exists to give gender if wanted to living things too. Male- Andro-, and Female- Femina-. Ex - Dat ez a androdogo/Dat ez a Feminadogo. (That is a male/female dog)

Possessive Words

I - Gu, Me - Gu, My - Gi, Mine - Gi

You - Foe, You - Foe, Your - Fis, Yours - Fis

He - Li, Him - Li, His - Lis, His - Lis

She - Sha, Her - Sha, Her - Sha, Hers - Shas

It - Ip, It - ip, Its - ips, Its - ips

We - Noz, Us - Noz, Our - Noza, Ours - Noza

They - Thel, Them - Thelm, Their - Thels, Theirs - Thels

-Occupations - Occupations in SHITISH, have an ending as well for both male and female. Male -ino Female -ina When adding the ending take out any last -y or any other vowel.


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