Runanä Translator

This is a private translator for my own language called Runanä.

It is meant to be close to English, but not too close, so people don't know what you're writing about. But it is also meant to be close to English, so when you read it, you'll know what's written, instead of having to manually "decode" it (sometimes you still have to do that for some words, because they're identical. But you'll find out from the context).

Feel free to write a comment if a word isn't translated yet, and I will do it for you. Thank you, and enjoy!

Here is the alphabet, and some "grammar" rules, so it's not completely identical to English (or any language with a latin alphabet, honestly):

a - a o - ä b - b p - b c - k q - k d - t r - r e - a s - s f - f t - t g - k u - u h - h v - f i - i w - f j - y x - ks k - k y - u l - l z - s m - m
n - n

Special characters:

th - j (the = ja NOT tha) yo - iä (you = iäu NOT uäu) ya - ja (kayak = kajak NOT kauak) sh - sy (shoot = syäät NOT shäät) ing - in (jumping = yumbin NOT yumbing) ae - i (aerobics = iräbiks NOT aaräbiks) ph - f (Philadelphia = Filatalfia NOT Bhilatalbhia)

How to write words/sentences:

apple: you look at the original word in English, then you individually replace the letters accordingly, using the alphabet. For example for apple, the word is "abbla". Let me explain why: a is a, so no need to change it. P is b in the alphabet, so you change the p with the b. L is l, and e is a. Abbla.

Now for more "complex" words, like the ones that contain the special characters, you just have to identify the special characters in a word and replace them accordingly. Let's take the word "you": if you memorize the special characters (it's not hard) then you should be able to identify that "yo" at the beginning. So yo is iä, and u is u. You add those two together and you get "iäu".

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