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The Newerspeak Language

Newerspeak is a language based on Nomian Empire's Newspeak, we're an ocean away so languages are gonna be different.


The way the way to write is going to be shown is this way
/sound/ (example wordpart of the word that includes the sound) = what will replace the parts of words with that sound

The way you speak Newerspeak is like how you speak English, but with the following rules:

Other stuff

You must replace "ni" with ñ.
You shall also skip silent letters.
Also the ' in I'm, there'd, wouldn't, I've, and thered'n't've is gone, so it's now Im thered wouldnt Ive theredntve
It's recommended to use & instead of the word
¿ and ¡ are used for when sentences end with ? and !, respectively, example ¿Do you like beans? ¡I sure love beans!

Consonant sounds

/s/ = s
/k/ = k
/b/ = b
/ch/ (picture) = ç
/sh/ (version) = x
/ð/ (the) = d
/þ/ (thing) = f
/g/ (gun) = g
/ʤ/ (message) = j
/h/ (house) = h
/y/ (you) = i
Wi wil meik the leters c and q komplitly unekzistent.
Olso everi /ks/ becomes /sh/, since ekstrim dósent fil extrim

Vowel stuf

/a/ /æ/ = a
/e/ = e
/i/ (read, see) = i
/o/ /œ/ = o
/u/ (book) = u
/ǝ/ (about, uh, etc) = like the original letter but with an accent, so á é í ó ú — tip: try pronouncing the word to find the uhhhhhhhhh sound
Dis olso aplais tu joind leters.
Version: 1.3
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