Rouxls Kaard Speak Generator (Deltarune)

It's pronounced "Rules", by the way.

English <=> Rouxls Kaard (Deltarune)
For all your ungrateful Worms' needs to speak in the tongue of the Duke of Puzzles, a man most handsometh, a daringst genius, adoredeth beyondth.
Note that it cannot be perfectly accurate, since his speech patterns are inconsistent (he might say "thou" in one and "you" in another place). Canonical sentences from the game are added as fixed phrases. Due to the way automatic translators and my lack of expertise in language matters work, also could occasionally have worms in it.
Please notify me if you have a word suggestion, when a case mismatch happens (I try to work around them, but it's a bit odd how translations sometimes default to lower case even if the capitalised-word is not even a translation), or any improvement suggestion in general. He's a cunning linguist, I am not.

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