Rokrizychan Translator

My own (with Czech influence)

This is my own language (with a bit of Czech). The name of the language (Rokrizychan) is deprived from "Rokrizyč" or "Rokridost zyčez", which literally means "interesting language".

The language uses a VSO (Verb-Subject-Object) sentence structure (i.e. "I eat food", which is SVO (Subject-Verb-Object), would become "eat I food", which would translate to "jekoč Jy sňykoudé" as apposed to "Jy jekoč sňykoudé"). Seeing that I don't know how to set it up that way, just write your sentences that in the VSO sentence structure.

Grammar rules:

The word "an" can be either "k" or "di", but when a word before/after "an" ends in "k", it is "di".


Ah sound= á (ɑ)

Ey sound= é (ɛɪ)

Yeh sound= ě (iɛ)

Eye sound= í (/iː/)

Aw sound= ó (ɒ)

Ooh sound= ú (ʉ)

Ee sound= y (/i/)

Ih sound= ý (ɪ)

G (like the g in “beige”) sound= ž (ʑ)

Sh sound= š (ɕ)

Ch sound= č (t͡ʃ)

Oh sound= ou (oʊ)

ř= sound made by trilling (optional) and biting down ([r] or ɾ)

ď= t sound + tongue pressed to hard palate (t͡s)

žč= zsh sound (ž + š)

ň= knee sound (ɲ)

If you could think of a better name, please let me know!

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