Robot Voice Changer (online voice effect πŸŽ™)

Beep boop! Welcome to our Robot Voice Changer! Here we'll help you transform your voice into a robotic, computerised version of itself (without all the trouble and effort of cybernetics).
This fun little online tool is completely free to use, and you won't need to download any software to use it. Just click on "record a clip", make a voice recording, and we'll add voice effects to it for you. You can also upload audio files if you'd like to experiment with voices that aren't yours - and don't forget to try out the different robotic options in the drop-down menu provided!
Robots are interesting and varied. Simply put, they're programmable machines that can carry out a set of complex steps. They're already everywhere in our society, and they occupy an interesting place in our cultural consciousness. Sometimes we fear them, as in I, Robot. We find other robots - like R2-D2 - adorable. This is pretty much down to our tendency to anthropomorphise robots, leading us to believe that they could be sinister, leading a rebellion, trying to help us, or innocent and eager to please like a puppy. There are also cultural differences between social sentiment towards robots, as is particularly obvious in Japan's love of robotic fictional characters and their fairly seamless integration of robots in everyday life.
Apart from the real life, everyday robots we have, there are plenty of famous robots that have enthusiastic followings: Wall.E, Mega Man, Marvin the Paranoid Android, Bender, Astro Boy, the Iron Giant, Optimus Prime, and K-9. They all have distinct personalities, voices and sounds and would serve as great inspiration for any robot-related projects you might be undertaking.
Wall-E gazing up at the night sky, sitting atop a pile of trash
So whether you're here for fun, to create a robotic alter ego, or you need help with a Dalek cosplay, we're here to help you convert your voice without the time, effort, and expensive voice modulators you might otherwise need.
If you enjoyed using this, you might also be interested in the voice filters over at voicechanger. Their site features plenty of free voice effects that will modify the pitch and frequency of your voice, letting you sound as computerised and cyborg-like as you wish.
We love feedback and suggestions, so if there's a microphone effect that you'd like to see, or improvements you think we should make, feel free to let us know in the comments or suggestions box!

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