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Rhowarian is a branch of the Ghorlian language tree; it's the youngest of the 2 living Ghorlian language; the other is Tasian which Rhowarian diverged from around 1,500 years ago when the wars of the Divine occurred.

Rhowarian is seen as the more developed and sophisticated language because it has more speakers, words and covers more land. Most people who understand Rhowarian range from homeless peasents to lords and kings but Rhowarian is spoken less as you go more south and is not spoken at all in the ghorlian peninsula.

Rhowarian is less like the original Ghorlian tongue that was spoken 3000 years ago in the eastern lands however linguists state that the origins of the Rhowarian dialect was created after the wars between the rhowarian religious group and the Tasian religious group, and most people migrated northward adapting Aratholian words and sounds like the letter "z" and the word "hazarnol" which means rice river

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