Primordial for Genasi Translator

Dnd common to primordial, homebrew, primarly for Genasi

Dnd common to primordial, homebrew, primarly for elementals and Genasi

Spoken before all other languages, no true text have been preserved w/ phonetics or thesaurus, to guide the young races.

But if you are born Genasi, you have an hereditary ability to comprehend and talk it fluently. althou the different subraces Air, fire, water and earth have different affliction that reflects their heritage. (Air: vowels have a tendency to mesh do it sounds like an exhale, especially if it ends a sentence.) (Fire: often speaks in a higher tempo, and have "TO" "TI" sound's, be more of a snap, made by the toung) (Earth: they really like their vowels, and tend to drag them out) (Water: their accent is based to be spoken under water, which makes it sound a bit muffled even when spoken on land.)

All Genasi understand another accents like if there were no diffrence and speak w/ ease to each other, althou a common speaker would think they might be completely different languages.

5th edition handbook say Primordial is a guttural language, filled with harsh syllables and hard consonants

This translator takes large artistic freedoms, and are not an official DnD translator of Primordial.

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