Porglang Translator

Porglang is the official language of the UPN, the main country of the Porgcraft Server. IRL, the language is constructed by GiggyMantis#0001, but in lore it was a variation on a different language called Oalikian that was spoken by settlers of the province Porgtown. It eventually evolved into being the national language of all porgs, except for the Archipelago which has Solka, Japanese, Russian, and English as well as Porglang.

There are 3 types of words: Perfects Constructs Mazies

Perfects are 1 syllable, and describe one thing Constructs are many syllables, and use many Perfects in order to describe more complex ideas.

Example: Po - Perfect meaning "animal" Rg - Perfect meaning "us" Porg - Construct meaning "porg"

Mazies are special, longer perfects (for example, semodien meaning it, even though it is more than one syllable, it can't be broken down further)

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