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Porglang is the official language of the UPN, the main country of the Porgcraft Server. IRL, the language is constructed by GiggyMantis#0001, but in lore it was a variation on a different language called Oalikian that was spoken by settlers of the province Porgtown. It eventually evolved into being the national language of all porgs, except for the Archipelago which has Solka, Japanese, Russian, and English as well as Porglang.
There are 3 types of words: Perfects Constructs Mazies
Perfects are 1 syllable, and describe one thing Constructs are many syllables, and use many Perfects in order to describe more complex ideas.
Example: Po - Perfect meaning "animal" Rg - Perfect meaning "us" Porg - Construct meaning "porg"
Mazies are special, longer perfects (for example, semodien meaning it, even though it is more than one syllable, it can't be broken down further)
List of words pronounced weirdly: "ill": meaning "no", this common perfect is actually pronounced ihl (/ɪl/) due to it beaning a loan word from Oalikian, which has /ɪ/ as a vowel as well as /i/ "lli": meaning "perceived" or "ehh i'm not so sure", this slightly more uncommon perfect, you may think would be pronounced the same way, I'm sure; but due to the same reasons it's not. "lli" is also borrowed from Oalikian, so you may be expecting it to be pronounced lih (/lɪ/). But, in Oalikian, two lls together without a vowel before them makes a dipthong, commonly called "yuh-yuh", it's pronounced like that (as close to /jj/ as possible), so this word is pronounced yuh-yih (/jʌjɪ/). Luckily for most speakers, this perfect is barely used in conversation unless you're taking a debate class, as "klow" also means "perceived".
The words for perfects, constructs, and mazies are "q" "qq" and "q-q". Pronounced like the name for the English letter (the dash is pronounced as "dash" audibly). Why? It's derived for the linguistic terms for those things in a small native language called Jolosostrian that the original notor of Porglang happen to be his mother tounge, so he just called them those. ("quint", "qa", and "qurpo-quan"). Ironically, none of those describing words actually discribe the thing they are talking about. The word for perfects is a mazie, the word for construct is a perfect, and the word for mazie is a construct.

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