Pookan Translator

ROTG based

This translator is a fan one made for the Rise of the Guardians fandom, and any of those that wish to use it! The credit for the actual language goes to hamatomiwa on Tumblr for the time and effort they put into it! I’m just putting it into something that everyone can easily utilise. Also, please type in lowercase for this translator to work! Please feel free to head over and give them some love for what they made! https://hamatomiwa.tumblr.com/post/150012024020/headcanon-pookan-to-english

Please note that: Ch = ꊭ Ph = ꊖ Sh = ꈾ St = ꉹ Wh = ꏲ Qu = ꒊ Er = ꌃ So if the translator doesn’t translate it correctly, you may need to change those yourself ^^”

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