Paskalbian (Pąskalbū) Translator

Based on Lithuanian

The name "Paskalbian" comes from the word "pąskalbė", which means "to be announced; to announce".
Paskalbian uses an SOV sentence structure. For example, "I've come for your bagels!" would be "I've bagels your come for!" and translates to "Āturu bajgėl jūžu jo atsvykstu̠ de̠l!"
ȧ = rounded a sound
ā = ah sound (as in "awesome")
ą = ah sound (as in "sandwich")
ė = ye sound
e̠ = ey sound
ę = eh sound
į = ih sound
y = ee sound
ȯ = aw sound
u̇ = ooh sound (as in “too”); used initially in words
ū = ooh sound; used in the middle/end of words
ų = ooh sound (as in "would")
u̠ = uh sound
š = sh sound­­
č = ch sound
ž = zh sound
If my name was Paskalbian, it would be Gėlįsie̠ Kudžyte̠.

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