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i(can be j) a(can be ɑ) o(can be ɔ) u e(if last letter of word ə) l s t sh(ʃ) k h(if last letter of word, then ɸ) r(can be ɾ) p z j(ʑ) ts(t͡s) tz(d͡z) ch(t͡ɕ) hr(χ) n(can be ŋ)

language spoken in Pakotzia and (somewhat) common tongue in the western continents. !!!Be careful trying to reverse translate because Pakotzian uses accents in the Latin alphabet áéíóú aeiou, if the accent is not where it’s supposed to be then it won’t translate properly!!! The accents are not written in real Pakotzian, they are only written here to help with pronunciation!
Fun Facts!!!:
There is some gendered language that is difficult to put into this translator. To say "I/me" is "e" for feminine and "u" for masculine.
Southern Pakotzian dialect is the most commonly spoken form of Pakotzian, also known as "Kithrol Pakotzi" in Pakotzia (Pakotzian from Kithros [the capital])
Northern Pakotzian dialect/accents tend to pronounce the plural-marking-suffix "he" as "fe", for example; the plural word "Sasohe" as in children would be pronounced as "Sasofe" in Northern dialect. On paper, it would be written the same however, its just the pronunciation.

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