Oshikian (Ośiękski) Translator

Yes, you're seeing this right. I changed the language name. Is it better than the other one?
Grammar rules:
The articles "a", "an", and "the" don't exist in this language.
The language uses a SOV (Subject-Object-Verb) sentence structure (i.e. "I help you", which is SVO (Subject-Verb-Object), would become "I you help").
With suffixes, add a space before typing them so that both the words and the suffixes work correctly. You can remove the space after copying and pasting (or whatever you're going to do with the words).
There is only one word for the two words "read". When you're using the past tense add a space and then type the suffix "-ed"; that will give you the past tense "read".
Stresses (from Polish):
rounded a sound = ą
eh sound = ę
ee sound = ie
yeh sound = ię
ooh sound (as in "would") = ó
g (like the g in “beige”) sound = ż
żee sound = ź
sh sound = ś
ch sound = ć
rz = sound made by trilling ([r] or ɾ) and biting down
c = t sound + tongue pressed to hard palate
knee sound = ń
w sound = ł
uh sound = y
dz = j sound
Also, in a few months into next year, I will be translating the Bible into my conlang. Once I complete it (and my translator) I will add the link for it here. I know, it's a weird thing to do, but my brother gave me the idea.
If you could think of a better name, please let me know! Also, if my name was Oshikian, it would be Bella Moduwięk.

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