Old Cyrodilic Translator

A translator to convert English text to Old Cyrodilic text which you can copy and paste.

Old Cyrodilic is a language cited at various times in the literature and lore of the Elder Scrolls. It is still used in names, legal terms, legionary titles and so on in the Fourth Era, although Old Cyrodilic was spoken from the late Second Era to the 2nd or 3rd century of the Third Era, after which modern Cyrodilic became popular.

It was also the language of administration during Tiber Septim's era, and the language he spoke for most of his life. Old Cyrodilic is quite a change from the earlier and later forms of Cyrodilic language, as it is heavily influenced by the Colovian languages in the lore. It is most often compared to the Latin language.

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