Oik Gatee Tuei'Tegeyoi Translator

The Gatian Translator

An in-the-works general word and phrase translator for Gatee, the language of Sagegate. Sentence structure and certain grammatical structures may not be 100% solid yet.
When translating it's best to remember that Gatee is written in VSO (Verb, Subject, Object) format – “Worry [verb] you [subject] not [negative].”, one of the most important features of Gatee is the particle system. The language is object-centric, and most changes made to the grammatical meaning of the sentence happen to the object (by attaching common particles to the beginning of the word.)

Words translate one-to-one, and not in structure. So when writing in English, be sure to keep track of that!
I.e. - Write "Are coming they" instead of "They are coming!"
The other thing to remember is that most sentences are affirmed or negated with the terms zuuo (positive present/future tense), haluu (positive past tense), uoe (negative present/future tense), and alo (negative past tense). This is somewhat like the Japanese "Desu"/"nai" system. These are put at the beginning of sentences. These are translated with most common indicatives. Present tense positives (Are/is/am) translate as zuuo, uoe takes up the present and future tense negative (aren't/isn't/am), haluu is the past tense form of zuuo (did/could/was), and alo the past tense form of uoe (didn't/couldn't/wasn't).
Gatee. "Zuuo bozui bai? Oh!" / "Haluu bozui bai? Oh!"
Exact. "Is/are alive you? Good!" / "Were/did alive you? Good!"
Dorian/English. "You're alive? Good!" / "You survived? Good!"

~ Common Particles ~
Possession (‘Tuei):
G. “…Uuios bai tuei’koltam…”
E. “…With you [possessive] gift…”
T. “…With your gift…”
Plural (Za’):
G. “Oaar za’ozzyor iio gar za’zoom…”
E. “White [plural] face and red [plural] cloaks…”
T. “White faces and red cloaks…”
Compound particles (Tuei’Za’…):
G. “Karrvan iio Tzulla tuei’za’yoreem…”
E. ”Karrvan and Tzulla [possessive][plural] son…”
T. “Karrvan and Tzulla‘s sons.”
This also applies to the particles M' [all] and Vm' [none]. Use with caution!
Bozui uuios tool!

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