Oczariio Translator

Just a project that's taken me awhile to come back to. The sentence structure is OSV.

To add possession, you use "z" for mine, "v" for your(s), and "c" for our(s). You put these at the beginning of the word.

For tense, you put "d" for past, "t" for present, and "n" for future at the beginning as well. The possession comes first.

To make a word plural, you add "d" for all, "r" for many, and "b" for few at the end of a word. You mostly use the letter for many when making a word plural.

Most words are gender neutral, but if you need to specify use "a" for male and "ii" for female. These come at the beginning of a word and come third in front of possession and then tense.

If a word begins with a consonant and you need to make it a plural or change its tense/gender just put an "e" between the letter and the consonant.

"c" is weird. If it's at the beginning it's pronounced like "ch" and if it's anywhere else it's a "k". If it's a the beginning and there's an "e" at the end it's pronounced as a "k".

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