Numbers Station Translator

Translate your message into numbers so that you can broadcast on unsecure channels and only those that know what to listen for will hear the message.

To help make it extra secure you could make your message correspond with a page, line and letter in a book, just make sure everyone is on the same page if you get the jist.

E.g A = 87 = 11268 7 = 76 = 48400

And so on...

Remember to put a space in-between each letter and number sequence (now supports common words there's still some missing but they will be added bit by bit).

If you have a shortwave radio you might hear something like this as number stations are running around the world.

Note: Use letter's and number's for the most secure option or use words if you want to save time but this method will be less secure.

If there's any issues please let me know. I'll update this from time to time adding new stuff as and when I get the time.

Small update: Now added some commonly used word to extend the use of this number station.

If you would like something added to the cipher please make a suggestion.

Furthermore, I have noticed that some people have made suggestions and used numbers or codes that are not supported. Please make all suggestions in English so I can make edits or add new things without needing to spend more time than is actually needed! Thank you.

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