Northern Kastrish (Nordlid Kastisk) Translator

Based on Danish

So, uh... yeah, I changed this... AGAIN. But, not to worry, I'm going to work on this slowly and I'll make sure it's really what I want.
Articles aren't always used in sentences, so they're optional. This also applies with the word "is". They'll usually be in parentheses in case you don't want to use them. Pronouns also apply to this, but will not be parentheses.
An SOV sentence structure is typically used, but not always.
å = rounded a sound
æ = ey sound
é = ee sound
ø = ooh sound (as in "would")
sj = sh sound
ej, ig = eye sound
G's in most words are silent:
  1. "berg", or "mountain"
  2. "kuligt", or "cool"
  3. "slægs", or "kind"
Or they sound like k's:
  1. "gudel", or "good"
  2. "herlig", or "wonder; wonderful"
  3. "utroligt", or "amazing"
The only exception to this is "ng", but "nge" just sounds like "n" (i.e. "lunge", or "anymore", sounds like "loon").
More often than not, the r's in words sound a lot like French r's.
D's in the middle to the end of words often sound like L's.
The difference of when to use min/mit; din/dit; sin, sit:
  1. Min, din, and sin are used after words that would have "en", or "a(n)" before them (i.e. "en kæ" (a cake) would be "min kæ", "din kæ", "sin kæ" (my cake, your cake, its cake), and so on).
  2. Mit, dit, and sit are used for words that would have "et", or "a(n)" before them (i.e. "et gennembrund (a breakthrough) would be "mit gennembrund", "dit gennembrund", "sit gennembrund" (my breakthrough, your breakthrough, its breakthrough), and so on).
Can you suggest a better(?) name for this language?
A fun tip: Most names in this language tend to have 4 or more names as their full names (2 first names, sometimes 2 middle, and then a last name or even two last names for females, and males typically only have one first name and two middle names).
If my name was in Northern Kastrish, it would be Erikka Lykke Mørk Lindenberg.

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