Noobic Translator

Nubik trnsl8tr

Noobic is pretty easy, though it is a bit different. First off, the structure. The structure of Nubic is different, yet very simple. For example:

"I am going to the park" would turn into "I go to park".

Second, the grammar. You will find many words in Noobic that are spelled and pronounced the same, but have multiple different meanings. For example:

"Der" means "There", "Their", and "They are".

Another factor you must focus on is that some words are combined. For example:

"I am a-" or "I am going to go-" translate into "ima".

And remember, some words don't always exist in Noobic, especially big, intellectual words. Often, these words would be replaced with smaller words. For example:

"Excellent" is replaced with "cul".

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