New Scygian (Novo Zdreći) Translator

IMPORTANT: Read the description at th bottom to correctly use the translator as some rules are not the same as in english. If you have any suggestions, or want to suggest new words, please put them in the suggestions box.

new version of the other language, remade to be better.
Here are a list of rules to adhere to when translating to get intended results.
there is no definitive word for "the" in this language, so do not type "the" into the english box when writing sentences
when making sentences explaining actions, like; "I am killing you", "I am" does not work here, as you cannot be a killing. Please input " I is killing to you" for example in that sentence.
in english, "read" in text can mean both read as in telling someone to read, or as in it has already been read. in this translator, please use "is read" to express read in past tense, and use "read" by itself for any other scenario.
"the" can still be typed for some words, but only if it is a verb that has a noun form, or a object that may have the same word as another that can be a verb. such as "work", as verb = "rasni" as noun = "rasov" ..... "well" as feeling = "žana" as object (actual well) = jesnak ..
for "to leave" (ozvamiti) in past tense "left" or "already left" "left" is strictly used only for translation for the direction, please input "leaved" as it was the only option even if it is not a real word.

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