New Obsolatian Translator

Obsolatian, the language of the forgotten

New Obsolatian since the first version was rather harsh and confusing. Remember to leave the words that you want translated in the suggestion box. Don't translate a sentence because the grammar is gonna be different here.

Plural: a→ucun/unayan i→ozem/ohina u→ehan/egun e→iyan/ine o→anin/aza ı→ıme

Note: When translating a phrase, remember to include underscores between the words (except for numbers such as "twenty one", "thirty two", "forty three", etc.). The word presenting the people of a tribe/country or the language is the same. Moreover, homonyms are frequent in English so remember to specifically identify the word, such as "bat" and "bat (animal)"

New alphabet will be uploaded soon...

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