New Modern English Translate from the Right!!!

Briŋ out the new and out with the old

I had taken the liberty and adjusted the Modern English to meet some accommodations for the trinary and the ones that live outside of the trinary group. If you're looking for new pronouns just hop on Bing/Google/Yahoo or whatever search engine you use and search neo pronouns or click if you want. I swapped the sides so that it can be more easily translated. If you want to know the difference between the groups of stuff just think if it's all male it'll have a male determiner, female then female determiner, and if neutral if will have a neuter determiner. Btw, living things tend to have a set gender for things because of naming process, while nonliving things tend to differ. Also, professions tend to have a male or neuter side, because of we used to doing the name of the thing plus -ess, ette, and even -ine to make it female. Btw, a neutral waiter would technically be a waitron, waitperson, or server. Oh, also for gender specified words like boy, waitress, girl, farmerette, you can use se and seo to use for a trinary value or outside it. For eg: Seo boy which technically means feminine boy could mean a femboy or even a non-binary person, like se waitress would be for a androgynous person. I have a version for American Eŋlish and British Eŋlish which can be sought after seeing the translations from the New Modern Eŋlish side to the older one; it's kinda like the advertize and advertise, monetize and monetise, nu and new, iz and is, and so on. Just look out for the tag (New American English) to see that it is American. The -o words like tomato, potato, and Ghetto I didn't translate the plural versions because of the confusing -os and -oes suffixes.

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