New Journal :ToG: Translator

Renewed of the Old

New Journal language translator for Tales of Gaia.
Consonants: /Ɋ/, /e/, /ɹ/, /ʮ/, /3/, /ʓ/, /ʃ/, /Ƕ/, /Ƣ/, /ƈ/, /˦/, /ƺ/, /Ω/, /Ϟ/, /ϥ/, /Ξ/, /◌/, /ϖ/, /ϗ/, /ϙ/, /Ժ/, /t/, /p/
Vowels: /a/, /ɰ/, /⇛/
The language has a Subject-Verb-Object word order.
Plural nouns are indicated by doubling the final consonant of the noun (e.g. ʓʓ means "earths").
Verbs are not conjugated based on tense, but are instead modified by time-related adverbs (e.g. ԺtɊa means "yesterday I saw the sun", while ԺtɊaɰ means "tomorrow I will see the sun").

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