Neergandonhi Translator

Idek anymore

Finally my own language! YAY! Are you happy for me? No? Okay then Sniff, sniff. Please ask permission before using my language for your own personal purposes! Neergandonhi is my own language, other than a few inspirations from Hindi and Tamil. A few things to keep in mind:

The "TH" makes the "T" sound (from Tamil), but only if it's at the beginning of a word. Otherwise, it just makes the normal "TH" sound.

The glottal stop (ʔ) is represented by an apostrophe ('), and make the letter-whether a vowel, or a consonant-soft.

For some reason, the suffixes don't work right when added to a word (i.e. "add" to "adding", "added", ect.), so just use them separately (put a space between them: i.e. if you want to change "add" to "adding", type it like this: "add ing", and then just get rid of the space after copying and pasting them or typing them).

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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