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Due to Common (English) having many words with double meanings, translations may not be accurate to what you mean. However, translating something from Common to Naumariav back to Common will not alter your original. If you wish for your Naumariav to be more accurate, refer to the links at the bottom of the page. Thank you. Some words have been changed so that if you add a ".v" for the verb version or ".n" for the noun version it will translate properly.

Update Notes

Version 3.0:

Every noun now has a possessive conjugation.

Fixed issue where words within untranslated words would be translated.

Naumariav Translator

Translator Info: This translator is a simple replace-based word translating system. There may be errors due to this process, however a more advanced "regex" style translator is in the works!

This translator is also able to give you the Haeseni calendar from either real days (e.g. Sunday) or the Imperial calendar (e.g. Sun's Smile)

Grammar Rules

Possessive Nouns: My - [Noun] + -i (Example: Ildani - My house) Your - [Noun] + -ei His/Her - [Noun] + o Their - [Noun] + eo (Example: Ildaneo - Their house) Our - [Noun] + e (Example, Brodale - Our realm)

Present Tense Verb Conjugation (Regular): I… - [Verb] + -mar You… - [Verb] + -mavre He/She/It… - [Verb] + var We… - [Verb] + marv You all… - [Verb] + mavrez They… - [Verb] + varev

Past Tense Verb Conjugation (Regular): I [Verb] + -ed… - [Verb] + er

Irregular Verb Conjugations: To be - oe I am - omar You are - omavre He/She/It is - ovare We are - Omarv You all are - Omarev They are - Ovarev

To do - voe I do - vormar You do - Vorev He/She/It does - Vorar We do - Vormarev You all do - Vorevez They do - Vorarev

To make - erre I make - Emar You make - Emev He/She/It makes - Erar We make - Ermarev You all make - Ermez They make - Erarev

Language Info: Currently all of the worlds have been taken from the Naumariav Google Doc that is run by Julius and Yoppl. Naumariav, also known as New Marian, is the official language of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. This kingdom, commonly refered to as the Kingdom of Haense or simple Haense, is one of the major kingdoms under the Holy Orenian Empire. Haense is known for being in the north, controlling a vast area from the northern King's Road up to the freezing northern end of the continent. The kingdom lends its culture from several ethnic groups, especially the Raevir which are a Russian-style culture.

The ending "randz" tends to describe a band or group within the Asserandz mythology, a collection of stories from the pre-Canon regions that become the Kingdom of Haensei-Ruska

The proper names for each cardinal direction are remnents from the old wind goddesses of the Haeseni people; Jardani for the North, Kostana for the South, Aesri for the East, and Vestena for the West. However, in practice, the short hand version is used and it comprised of a mix of the traditional god names and some common influence; North is Jard, South is Sud, East is Aest, and West is Vest.

New Marian is a modern combination of Raevir Botch and Old Marian. The language had come out of much use because of the prevalence of Common, however efforts are being made to bring it back.

You may notice that the translation for both death and name is mana. This is due to a Hanso-Raev mythological concept from days past. Before cannonism became the major religion of the Highlander people, the primordial goddess of death was called Maan; She is also the patron of the "good", justice and morality.


Naumariav Doc - Documentation by Julius and Yoppl

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