Name to Symbols (﹆ଘꕤꔛ)

Converts your name into symbols, like in the TikTok trend. Originally based on the Symbolq for Telegram 2 translator on

What are "name symbols"?

It's being called the name symbols or symbol name trend on TikTok, and it's basically where you convert your name into symbols using the above translator, or using another equivalent translator like these:
The symbols are actually Unicode characters, just like the other characters on your keyboard, except they are "rare" - usually they're characters that are from non-English languages, or ancient character sets like Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
It can be kinda fun to see what your name looks like when it's put into symbol form. You can also convert any word to symbols, and any English to symbols. Some other languages will work so long as they use mostly the same characters as English.
Once you've converted your name into symbols using this generator, you can copy and paste the name symbols into your bio or display name on TikTok to hop on the trend! You can also use these symbols in other places too - any place that you want some cute and aesthetic symbols :3
More symbols & stuff for you to copy and paste:

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