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                                               Morye Language

The Morye Language is a language similar to the Elvish languages spoken in the The Lord of the Rings. It is influenced mainly by Welsh, Cree, Klingon and more. Here are some interesting facts!

  1. Morye was (fictionally) invented by Elpard Nuria who lived on the made-up planet Morish. In 10 c.e, he published Dhé Lenkoejez u Mârthare (literally translating to The Languages of Morish or καεπινα (kæthiva)) which introduced the Mories. The Mories were a Celtic-like tribe who often hunted Spokere, or fresh bony deer-dog meat. One of their languages was Mòrith. Although it was just a throw into the bucket, it became so popular that well, Nuria brought the language back into a dictionary.

  2. In the book, there are several dialects: the Krye, Gonye, Tjarn, Bes, Gunye, Monkoswel, Nunkhuzuwal, Archbakh, and the Mairn. I'd choose the Bes dialect.

  3. There isn't a letter "z" in the Morish alphabet. Instead it is replaced with the Greek letter Zeta or "ζ," although, in Greek, it would be m. So, you can also show it as "μ."

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