Mimiker Translator

Official Mimikéiere vun objektzorten translator

• If a word doesn't come up, tell us and we'll add it! Until then, try putting spaces between each letter, and it should work It should let you translate periods now, but if it dosnt work imput a > (or hold shift while placing a period) and it should use the Mimikers version of one
• Make sure to put spaces after every , ? ! " ( ) etc any punctuation (besides periods which i think should be working now)
• As itd be really hard to add punctuation after ever word, especially to make them a plural or etc. Just put a space, and then an s for the word to translate
• A few however may be on here! Itd just be hard to add one for like every word in the world-
• Few free to send anything not translated in the suggestions! • Or, feel free to Dm me anything!

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