Middle English 2 Translator

Trying to make this so Wikipedia can use it.

This will not be 100% accurate. I am trying to approximate these from the Middle English Wikipedia site itself. Of course, LingoJam does not account for case-insensitivity, so for better results, you may want to type your English in lowercase in the English text box, and edit the output so that the appropriate words are capitalized. Please give me language rules to add (and I will look them up to make sure they are correct).
Had to make this "Middle English 2" because someone else took Middle English. You can lookk at that here (although it is more of a joke): https://lingojam.com/MiddleEnglish
To keep it more accurate, and to use less data, I have make a system to replace certain phonic patterns with their appropriate symbols.
Here is the list:
For words with a phonic pattern: pronounced like "ay", use %ay.
To use: "es", use %es. "s", use %s.
Haha, yeah, this isn't done at all.

Ever wanted to make a random text generator?

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