Medician language translator (WIP)

Medician language translator (WIP)

Medician is a language that I made as a joke but which I eventually decided to expand and make into a fully functioning language, in practice it is a combination of the English, Latin and Italian languages. Again it is a con Lang (constructed language) that is incomplete so certain words can't be translated.

Some other things you should know is that.

1: the letters h,k,w,x,y and z is not used in the Medician language and is replaced by other letters.

2: if a C is written like Ç it's pronounced like a K, if it's written like Ć it's pronounced like CH or SH and if it's written like a normal C it's pronounced like a "lisped" version of the letter S, (like the S in the Spanish word España)

3: if a O is written like Ò it's pronounced like IO or YO,

4: the letter U causes itself and any letter in front of it to be either silent or "lisped" unless it's written like Ú,

and 5: due to the nature of the letters O and U, they are the only vowels that are allowed to be placed next to itself (like in the word aenovajuúa)

Also this translator isn't even nearly finished but you can still use it if you want to.

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