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work is still very in progress, so it's still not yet finished. 18th/june/2021 (today we have made it to the letter g in the mando'a words)

HOW TO USE! Please Read!

There are some translations that may be of issue on this, so below are a list of the most likely problem words with context. In some cases there are many words for the same word in English and this may confuse the translator, so please see the problem list below to check the context and the suggested trigger word. (please let me know in the comments if others come up so i can work on fixing them.)

British-English and American-English spellings are also factored in as well (examples: colors and colours, armor and armour, honor and honour).

Numbers: I have put in the basic numbers (as seen in the counting in Mandalorian link) example to get lets say say 21 type in 20 and then 1 and then put them together to get the number you are looking for. ( will work on this as well)


Counting in Mandalorian

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Context/problem word list:

The Mandalorian Language is: Mando'a (trigger word: mando ) contexed: do you speak Mandalorian? = vaabir gar jorhaa'ir Mando'a?

A Mandalorian person is: Mando'ad (trigger word: Mandalorian ) contexed: Are you Mandalorian? = Cuyir gar Mando'ad?

A group Mandalorians is: Mando'ade (trigger word: Mandalorians ) contexed: are you Mandalorians? = cuyir gar Mando'ade?

Ex-Mandalorian or no longer Mandalorian, to be with no soul, or to forsake honour, clan and or family in the terms of a Mandalorian is to be a Dar'manda (trigger word: Ex-Mandalorian)

to (direction, movement "to go to") is: at (this one is the default)

to & too (the dative, "yeah that to") is: bah (trigger word: too )

Example of the use of "to": To go To = bah slanar at

stack (noun) is: bines (trigger word: stack)

stack (verb) is: binesor (trigger word: stacks)

stab is: bikadinir (trigger word: stab)
context: to stab with a broad blade such as a sword, sabre or spear

stab is: chekar (trigger word: stabs ) context: to with a small blade such as a knife, dagger, needle or shiv

cu'bikad = Indoor game that involves stabbing blades into a chequered board - a cross between darts, chess and ludo. (trigger word: stabbing-blades )

Mando'a gramma that may get missed by the translator.

"ad, 'ad, ade, 'ade, e " a prifix sometimes used to mean more then one or in plural such as "Mando'ade"

"a, a', al " is the word "but" (often al before a vowel)

"be, b'" is a possessive prefix or suffix with proper nouns, e.g. be'jetii or (rare) jetiib - the Jedi's. Possessives are sometimes indicated simply by the proper noun preceding the word, e.g. Boba'kad - Boba's saber.

"ge" is the word "almost" (used before consonant)

"gotal" is made, created - as in "-ized" - suffix

"ika" is a diminutive suffix written as 'ika - also added to a name as a very familiar or childhood form, e.g, Ord'ika - Little Ordo

"tion" interrogative prefix, used for a question

"vencuyot" future tense prefix

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