Magnicish Translator

Magnicish is a language spoken in Magnica (a fictional state in Dextreme) that is actually quite similar to English. In the Novantian universe, Magnicish is very similar to Auphangian, and is thought to be a long-distant dialect of Auphangian with heavy native influence. Auphangian itself is spoken in three main dialects: Central, west, and east. Due to its cultural influence yet otherwise lowish number of speakers, Magnicish has a status similar to Japanese in our world. This is also helped by the fact that strange communications from another world sounded similar to Magnicish, a language that the Magnicish themselves called "ejnagle sprejkøden," or "strangely spoken."
The Dialects
The central dialect is considered the clearest dialect of Magnicish, and can be listened to using the Norwegian Google Translate voice. It is the second most spoken dialect, and is usually used as the standard dialect of elected officials within Magnica.
The western dialect is often hard to make out, with many vowels and consonants blending together. It can be listened to using the Danish Google Translate voice. However, it is widely spoken, even more so than central Magnicish, so it is very useful to know.
The eastern dialect is very different from the other two, being more tonal and precise with consonants, including some drastically different diphthongs and even whole words. Though it can be listened to using the Swedish Google Translate voice, it is quite buggy. In-universe, it is also written differently.

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