Mãchãlou Translator

Language of Mãɉḛmou

The language of Mãɉḛmou, it will make it easier to speak than ever before.

For pronunciation purposes- Ã= Ai Õ= oi ḛ= ei ᵰ= ny ɉ= jh (soft j) ị= ee ou= ow

ꞡ= a low growling sound made in the back of the throat to show displeasure/anger ẟ= a high trill, used to show affirmation, or even affection ‽= A popping sound used to signify a question Ѫ= A clicking noise made when unsure of words, in English closely related to ‘Um’

Note: please put a space between the end of a word and a question mark for translations

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