Lumenese (Lange La’lume) Translator

Based on Canadian French

Lumenese comes from the conlang's word "luminus", meaning "light"; "easily understood".
There are no articles unless with the word translated.
This conlang uses an SVO sentence structure (i.e. "On my way!" is "L'mo santié!"
à, è, ù = used to differentiate between words (i.e. "our" is "or", but "oùr" is "where")
â, ê, î, ô, û = used where an S used to be in a word (i.e. "li forêtte" is "forest")
é, ë, ï, ü, ÿ = used to indicate that both vowels of the word must be pronounced (i.e. "naïf" is "naive")
æ = eh sound
œ = rounded e sound
ç = s sound (used to differentiate between the s sound and k sound with C)
If my name was Lumenese, it would be Lucrè Di’chaüvè.

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