Lûskhě Translator

not completed yet

extra end letter on some words for plurallity (the, you, yours, they/them/their/theirs) ie "thee" if "the cats" or any plural noun
Nouns that are accusitive cannot have their prefixes added by the translator so you'll have to add it yourself as below
plurals - animals in plural form are neutral gender by default in the translator
-ǒr male person/s, group of males, male animal/s, group of male animals
-ěr same as above but female
-ür object/s, gender nuetral person/s, group of g.n people, group of mixed gender people and animals or group in general
accusative word starting with vowel g- else gê-
COLOURS-can have prefixes and suffuxes
muted/vivid not used on black, white, gray
dark/light THEN muted/vivid "color name" ex: dark vivid purple or dark purple or vivid purple
å â o̊ e̊ ǎ á ê i̊ ě î ǐ ů ô ǒ û ǔ ú ü ù ṣ h̥ g̊ r̊ ø ɶ æ œ

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