Linahi (WIP) Translator

Based on Thai

If you could suggest a better name, that'd be great!
The language is typically referred to as "Linahi" but the locals who speak English call it "Per Linahi".
Linahi people use nicknames rather than their first name unless it's for a formal event. These can be nouns or even more American sounding names like "Sarah" or "Elliot", for example.
There are no articles in this conlang, but they're still necessary to allow phrases to work properly!
R's in the middle of and at the end of words are silent
The word "nyi" is usually used to show emphasis on something; this/these. It is usually added to or before the word it is emphasizing.
Any word used as a modifier (adjectives, adverbs, ect.) go after the word it's modifying (i.e. "it's a wonderful day!" would be "it's a day wonderful!" and translates to "man (pen) wan diluh!")
Linahi will have a Abugida/Syllabary script, meaning that each word will be made up of consonants with vowels added as diacritics. In my mind, this is one of the simplest forms of language scripting, and it will be added once all the words are finally added to the translator (assuming I can figure out how to make it a working font). For now, I will work on developing my script for this language as I work on adding words as well.
It may not be a useable script on here but will instead be a long list on pieces of paper, written out. I am unsure as to how I would create a usable font on a computer using my script, so you will only be able to use it on paper for the time being unless someone decides to create one for me. For now, here is an image of the script: You may ask me any questions about it if you need to. I will also be updating and/or editing my script as I develop it.
If my name was Linahi, it'd be (London) Seng Daochem.

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